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Default Making a Show (Basic) Mead

Making mead is fun and rewarding.

You can get as much as $150 worth of quality mead for the price of 2 lbs of honey, a packet of yeast (less than $10), and a couple hours of your time.

Making a Show (Basic) Mead

I’ve been making homemade wine and cider for the last six years or so, and because I find it so rewarding, thought I would share how easy it is to do. One of my favorites is mead (aka honey wine). Following this simple recipe you can produce a high quality “show mead” (which is a basic mead with no additional ingredients like spices or juices) with very little investment in money and/or time. Additionally, I’ll suggest ingredients and/or equipment to substitute if you don’t have the one listed readily available at home and want to get started right away. (Obviously, the better your ingredients the better the end product and if you choose to use sugar instead of honey, you won’t technically have a mead, but rather a “mash”, but it will still . . . read more
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