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Default Is Race Just a 'Social Construct'?

Race is much more than skin deep as (((our enemies))) would have you believe.

Genetics is the foundation of identity, and society is a racial construct.

Is Race Just a 'Social Construct'?
By Russell James

We hear a lot today about how race is a "social construct". This is a Cultural Marxist canard aimed at preventing White people from organizing to defend their legitimate collective interests. You'll notice that it is only ever said to Whites when they're discussing their racial interests. It's never mentioned when blacks or other groups are blaming Whites for something in an effort to demean and dominate them.

The myth that “race is a social construct” is one of the few that can be traced back to an actual individual. It was created by Jewish "anthropologist", Franz Boas, who forked anthropology by creating a branch of it known as “cultural” anthropology in order to advance his antarian ideas about race. (It's enlightening to learn how many bad ideas and anti-White movements have Jews as their progenitors.)

The fact is that race is a genetic reality and it goes much more than skin deep. For instance, physical anthropologists have been able to identify (for almost a century now) the race of an individual's remains by a cursory examination of his or her bones. Also, because of the vast differences among the races, modern medical science is increasingly focusing on the race of the patient. It turns-out, different races react dramatically different to medicines and other forms of treatment.

What we call "race" when referring to humans is the same as what we call "sub-species" when referring to all other animals, and the Human Genome Project has clearly identified three primary sub-species (that correlate directly to those long-identified by physical anthropology): Caucasian (Europeans, Middle Easterners, and North Africans), Negro (Sub-Saharan Africans), and Mongoloid (Asians and American Indians). Of course, there is a fourth category of race, as well: mixed race.

All of history and science shows one thing is certain: different peoples produce differing civilizations and cultures based on their genetic code and how it causes them to perceive their surroundings. So, not only is race not a "social construct" but the converse is true, society is a racial construct.

For more on the subject of race, see the Colchester Collection's "Race" catalog.

To learn more about your true identity as White people see the Colchester Collection's "White Identity" catalog.

To more fully understand why Jews promote White Genocide see the Colchester Collection's "Jewishness" catalog.

(Editor's note: This entry was originally published in March of 2017. It was revised and updated March of 2019, and again in November of 2021.)
This article is copyright 2017, 2019, 2021 and licensed under the Creative Commons BY-ND 4.0 International License. You are free to republish verbatim copies of it (in whole or in part) in any form (hard copy, digital, etc.) as long as you provide proper attribution. Click on the link above for complete license terms.
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Default No!

Societies are Racial Constructs.


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