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Old February 19th, 2023 #1
James Radov
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James Radov
Lightbulb Animals are doing White Supremacy

[Hitler was a vegetarian who cared about animals and had a dog]

White neighborhoods have greater abundance and diversity of animal life, and Canadian researchers say racism is to blame.

"Systemic racism alters the demography of urban wildlife populations in ways that generally limit population sizes and negatively affect their chances of persistence," write the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg's Chloé Schmidt and Colin J. Garroway in a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In a study that examined 39 terrestrial vertebrate species in 268 urban locations across the United States, the researchers found "generally consistent patterns of reduced genetic diversity and decreased connectivity in neighborhoods with fewer White residents."

so by definition, its a very natural thing to hate niggers and avoid them.
As if anyone will even try to deny brutal treatment of animals in the society of shitskins, which is more primitive than that of any animal. Shitskins are not capable of any form of respect for life, they wallow in some un-thinking savagery.
Only in a jew poisoned society would more than a second be wasted on an idea to incorporate subhuman shitskins into White society, when the rest of the Natural World avoids those very same shitskins... or jews for that matter, jew is just as cruel and violent towards any form of life. Their defective mentality makes them hate all things natural and correct.

btw, as we all know, preventing cruelty to animals and environmental protection laws were in fact practiced by the NSDAP.
Seems those "Nazis" had a very different agenda than the false one jew sell.
Old February 22nd, 2023 #2
U. Dunrouse
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U. Dunrouse

So anti-Black racism is not a hateful nonsense and a social construct as Globalist propagandists claim. It is based on what Blacks actually do to their living space. Mmmm... interesting.

When your world has been hijacked by parasitic pathogens,
immune response becomes 'hate' and immunodeficiency 'progress'


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